Welcome to the haunted library.

I’m Katie Regan and I love all things bookish.

I see things a little differently when it comes to literature. I appreciate many different genres, and approaches to the art of storytelling. So, over the years, I’ve developed a way of categorizing literature into neat little slots that make sense to me. Each division has a place in my rotation of pleasure reads and I value them for different reasons, and for different moods. Of course, not all great reads fit into one of the following categories, but you’ll see me reference these from time to time.

There’s junk food literature, that fast-paced, easily-digestible kind of writing that doesn’t ask too much thinking of you. You’re not going to have any life-altering, emotional nights awake with these, but they’re great beach reads. Pilkington always gets my vote as an A+ beach read author.

Fine dining literature is the kind that you want to savor and even lick the gravy off the plate when you’re done – it’s that good. The prose are alive, little glowbugs shining and leading you on. You stop frequently to close your eyes and breath it in, hold the precious moment just a bit longer. Anthony Doerr, with his glowing, delicate storytelling, is the perfect example of fine dining literature. The very act of reading his words is almost sacred.

When you consume meat and potatoes literature, you’re getting a good staple meal of realistic, modern scenarios, gritty dialogue, and sometimes a solid schooling in whatever professional industry the protagonist is enveloped in. It’s not always glamorous, but it does taste good and you’re getting some good niche knowledge in an entertaining way. Patricia Cornwell, with her precise details of the inner workings of the medical examiner’s office, falls into this category.

Dessert literature refers to things like poetry, short stories, allegories, word or letter artwork, quotes, and the like. These are short and sweet. Just right to satisfy you and leave a sugary taste on your tongue. Christopher Pointdexter is one of my favorite poets. He has the uncanny ability of leaving a penetrating imprint on my mind with such a short amount of words. Magnificent.

I’m inspired and moved with startling intensity by simple strings of letters on a page. That’s why I read and that’s why I’m here. Join me and let’s enjoy the journey, one great read at a time.

~ Katie Regan                  r__87011_zoom